About SurfingPorto

SurfingPorto is a surf company born in Oporto City in 1999, managed by a Portuguese and European Top Longboarder.

Our commitment to you is ensuring that you have the best surf experience in Oporto city, and on our surf trips.
Prepare to be surprised by our quality surf spots - Porto is much more than a city break!

We are based in the area of Oporto city, on a beach called Grão d'Areia, and in Douro Marina.

We have been surfing since 1987, travelling international surf spots since 1989, teaching since 1999, and are the 3rd oldest surf school in Oporto.
In 2000, our owner competed in the National and International Longboard Tour - he brings all his surfing expertise and experience to make our surf school one of the best in Europe.

After spending time with us, you'll simply get infected by our passion and our lifestyle.

Surfing Porto

Certified Surf School since 1999

SurfingPorto has been a fully certified surf school since 1999. We offer you years of experience and knowledge to make sure that your surf experience is the best you can find.

All our instructors are qualified and experienced, in order to meet the requirements of the European Surf Federation and the Federação Portuguesa de Surf, and to ensure that you get high quality service in the safest possible way.

Our certification offers you the assurance that you're in safe hands, and our passion for surfing guarantees you'll have the most fun!


Our staff members are the heart and soul of our business - all experienced surfers and instructors, combining to make a unique and exclusive combination for surf instruction.

SurfingPorto give you the opportunity to learn how to surf with Portuguese instructors who have local knowledge and years of experience, meaning you have more fun in the water while you learn a new sport!

And our extensive travelling means we have many locations and experiences to share with you on our surf trips.

Miguel Ferreira

Owner, Surf Instructor & Guide

Miguel was born and raised in Porto city and started surfing in 1987.
In 1999 Miguel began teaching and opened his own surf school - since that time he's never stopped.
Competitor in the National, European and World Longboard Tour.

Miguel is qualified as a surf instructor level 2, certified by the Portuguese Surf Federation and IPDJ.
He coached Portuguese pro surfers and longboarders until 2010, at which time he decided to shift his focus to organising surf trips and developing the surf school in Porto.

An avid traveller, Miguel continues his search looking for the best waves not only in Portugal, but all over the world.
Africa, South and Central America, Australia and New Zealand are among the many spots he's travelled to in recent years.

And now he's happy to share all these experiences with you!!

Pedro Marinho

Manager, Surf-Teacher & Guide

Pedro was born and raised in Ponte de Lima city, an hour and a half from Porto.

He began teaching in 2010 and specialises in teaching surfing at beginner and intermediate level.
Also a traveller, always looking for the best waves - North Africa and Portugal are the regions where Pedro feels most at home.

Pedro is the youngest teacher in our team, which means he's also the most enthusiastic; it doesn't matter about the weather, if there's surf you can be sure you'll see Pedro in the water enjoying it!

Pedro's love for the water and for helping people learn to surf will make sure that your first experience in the waves is a huge success and great fun!

Mario Barroso

Surf Instructor & Guide

Mario was born and raised in Porto city.
He started surfing in 1990, competed in bodyboarding and also travelled around world searching for waves, making him a very experienced traveller.

He joined us in the summer of 2012 and is an expert in making lessons for beginners and intermediate surfers productive as well as fun.

When the surf's good and he has some free time, you'll see Mario in the line up.

Mario's goal, which he always achieves, is to make sure you have a great and memorable surf experience!


Porto, or Oporto as it's known in English, is the second largest city in Portugal, and one of the oldest European centres.
With its settlement dating back many centuries, to the time when it was a Roman outpost, it is thought to be the origin of the name 'Portugal' and is famous for its production of port wine.
With a great mixture of history, culture, arts, entertainment and gastronomy and good transport links, Porto won the European Best Destination award in 2012 and 2014. And we're sure there are more awards to come!

According to some records, the surfing scene in Porto began in the 70s, but evidence (a black and white film which may be Europe's oldest surf on film) shows men on bellyboards enjoying the waves on Leça da Palmeira Beach, near Porto, in 1926/1927!
We can confirm that the boards we use are a little more dynamic now, but the waves remain the same...

We hope you enjoy Surfing Porto!